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PC Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The People in Port Charles Need to Remember
y Meghan

10. What seems to be, usually never is...

9. Almost everybody has a look-alike of some kind (Livvie, Kevin, Caleb, Paige, Casey, etc).

8. When it appears someone may have the flu, don't worry about calling a doctor, it's probably that they have become a vampire!

7. People can always come back to life in some way... either as an angel, a vampire, a person, or in some cases... a painting!

6. If you ever need healing of any kind... call Tess... hell, if she can make Caleb come alive (again), she can fix anything!

5. At some point, you more than likely will have a guardian angel.

4. Pink roses fix everything if you're an angel.

3. Mysterious storms probably mean that someone is in trouble, or that some new super-human thing is coming to Port Charles.

2. Behind every song, is a bigger/deeper meaning... pay attention to those lyrics!

1. Never, ever leave the house without a slayer, a gun, a wooden stake, or a character played by Kelly Monaco!

Page updated 8/23/14

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