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Port Charles Top Ten List Pages

PC Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Holiday Gifts in Port Charles
by Suzanne

1.  Career counseling for Marissa (first she's a reporter, then she's a song-writer for a vampire's band...)

2. Eve's return for Ian and Danny.

3. Finding out that Ian is really Kevin's long-lost better half, so that she can keep BOTH men (taking a page from Jack's book).

4. A soul, or angel wings, for Stephen, so he can stop being evil.

5. A stake through Stephen's heart (for Elizabeth, so she can be human again)

6. A get out of jail free card for Kevin

7. New stories for Chris, Frank, Victor, Serena, Mary and Jamal

8. A haircut for Tess (so people stop confusing her with Livvie)

9. Therapy for Livvie (although it certainly didn't do Kevin any good)

10. More wooden stakes and garlic for Rafe and Alison!

Page updated 8/23/14

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