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Top Ten Reasons That We Knew Frank Was the Avatar
by Suzanne

10.  He was one of the few without a storyline.

9.  Once Livvie had sex with the avatar, that eliminated all the women, plus Kevin, Rafe, and Victor.

8. Frank needed some reason to get Karen to notice him.

7.  We learned early on that the Avatar took advantage of someone who was a do-gooder, so that eliminated Chris!

6. We already knew that Frank was going through some weird things in his head, about his past.

5. Ian and Rafe were chasing the avatar, so we knew neither of them could be it.

4. Frank was always on hand to patch up the avatar's victims.

3.  Frank was the only main character besides Chris, and the women, who was saying that the avatar was a hero.

2. Ricky needed to be taken down a peg after stealing Karen from Frank.

1. We knew it couldn't be that creepy nerdy guy that pretended to be the avatar to get chicks.

Page updated 8/23/14

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