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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

"Time in a Bottle" Quiz
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John.

1. Why did Ian tell Eve that it was over between them?

Ian felt guilty for being with Eve when Arianna was stabbed. Since he had promised to protect Arianna, who had fallen in love with him, he felt  that he owed her. He didn't want his relationship with Eve to be built on Arianna's blood.

2. Who was Cookie?

Cookie was Rhonda Wexler, Karen's mom.

3. Why did Frank feel responsible for keeping Karen from being born?

He advised Cookie not to go to the dance. Unfortunately, Frank didn't know that he was changing history. Rhonda had originally gone to the dance, slept with Scotty, and conceived Karen. When Cookie took Frank's advice, none of that happened.

4. How did Frank's actions affect Arianna?

Karen was destined to be the donor for Arianna. When her existence was wiped out, Arianna had no donor.

5. How did Livvie finally realize that Chris was manipulating her?

Lucy found Chris reading Livvie's diary and realized that he was using it to manipulate her. Lucy and Kevin then planted the diary in his apartment in the hope that Livvie would find it. She did, and she realized that Jack had been right about his brother all along.

6. What finally happened to Ben?

He and Ian were fighting on the hospital roof, and Ben fell to his death.

7. What made Ian believe that Karen might be real after all?

Frank knew that Ian had said he didn't want Eve just for one night, but for always. He wouldn't have known that if Eve hadn't told Karen, who in turn told him. Ian also had to remember what the chief had told him about a miracle if he would only believe. He took Frank to meet the chief, who understood Frank's problem.

8. What happened to the tape of Zach's confession?

Livvie taped over it without bothering to see whether it was a blank tape.

9. Who saves Arianna's life by being the liver donor?

Karen is the donor after Frank succeeds in bringing her back into existence.

10. When Alison prevented Jamal from racing, Jack filled in for him. Why was it so important to Zach and Sam to have someone in the race?

They were smuggling diamonds over the border from Canada.

Page updated 8/23/14

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