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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 9/24/01 - 9/28/01 (Week 3 of "Tempted")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Why does Eve call Kevin?

a. The baby is sick.

b. She's worried about Livvie.

c. Ian is missing.

d. She meant to call Karen, but her nerves made her call the wrong number.

2. Who barges into Livvie's bedroom?

a. Kevin

b. Lucy

c. Jack

d. Rafe

3. What does Valerie give Jamal as a memento of their past?

a. photos of the two of them

b. a CD

c. a mix tape

d. poems she wrote about him

4. Who receives a warning about Ian?

a. Eve

b. Kevin

c. Lucy

d. Victor

5. Where do Jack, Alison, and Rafe go?

a. to the monastery

b. to the Recovery Room

c. to the lighthouse

d. to the hospital roof

6. Who helps Eve after she locks herself out of the loft?

a. Karen

b. Lucy

c. Livvie

d. Kevin

7. According to Victor, what lessons have he and Mary been taking?

a. tennis

b. golf

c. rumba

d. clogging

8. Who lifts the tree off Alison?

a. Rafe

b. Jack

c. Rafe and Jack

d. Rafe, Jack, and Jamal

9. To whom does Gabriela make inappropriate advances?

a. Jamal

b. Valerie

c. a priest

d. a nun

10. How does Alison find out about Jamal's past with Valerie?

a. Valerie tells her.

b. Jamal tells her.

c. She finds love poems Valerie wrote to Jamal.

d. She hears Gabriela ask Jamal whether Alison knows he slept with Valerie.

Answers: 1. c  2. d  3.b  4.b  5.a  6.c  7.d  8.b  9.c  10. d

Page updated 8/23/14

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