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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 8/6/01 - 8/10/01 (Week 10 of "Tainted Love")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Who thinks Ian and Eve are kidding about vampires being in Port Charles?

a. Alan

b. Colleen

c. Karen

d. Frank

2. Who decides to put security on Emilio's room?

a. Alan

b. Colleen

c. Karen

d. Frank

3. What does Eve want Michael to do?

a. leave Port Charles

b. move back in with her and Ian

c. choose between her and Caleb

d. save Livvie from Caleb

4. What stops Caleb from biting Kevin?

a. Kevin gets away.

b. Livvie comes back.

c. Lucy touches him.

d. Jack goes after him.

5. Where does Jack want to take Livvie?

a. to his room at the bike shop

b. to the lighthouse

c. to the Recovery Room

d. to Rachel's hospital room

6. Where are Lucy's ancestors from?

a. Port Charles

b. Russia

c. Transylvania

d. the Black Forest

7.  Whom does Livvie blame for Rachel's condition?

a. Caleb

b. Jack

c. Kevin

d. Rachel's doctor

8. What do Alison and Jamal argue about?

a. Livvie

b. Jack

c. Gabriela

d. Amanda

9. Who offers to stay with Ian and Eve?

a. Michael

b. Victor

c. Frank and Karen

d. Kevin and Lucy

10. What news does Michael give Eve?

a. He wants her to leave Ian for him.

b. He shipped Caleb back to Transylvania during the daytime.

c. He trapped Caleb inside a cage.

d. He killed Caleb.

Answers: 1. c  2. d  3.c  4.c  5.d  6.c  7.b  8.c  9.c  10. d

Page updated 8/23/14

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