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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 6/25/01 - 6/29/01 (Week 4 of "Tainted Love")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. What is Jack trying so desperately to do?

a. get revenge on Zach's gang

b. find Livvie

c. figure out what's wrong with him

d. get enough to eat

2. Why does Gabriela decide not to move away with Joe?

a. She doesn't want to leave her family.

b. She's nervous about starting over somewhere new.

c. She met someone else.

d. She wouldn't make enough money to live on.

3. Where do Ian and Eve find Michael?

a. locked in the cellar

b. chopping wood near the monastery

c. praying in the chapel

d. fixing something to eat in the kitchen

4. What does Alison say to try to get Dara's help?

a. that she's writing a screenplay

b. that she's writing a graphic novel

c. that she's writing a paper for a class her grandmother is making her take

d. that she's trying to figure out what's going on in a show she's been watching

5. Who tries to talk to Gabriela about her decision to dump Joe?

a. Mary

b. Frank

c. Karen

d. Colleen

6. Who tries to get Abe Kurland to talk about what happened to him in the woods?

a. Victor

b. Lucy

c. Kevin

d. Jack

7. What condition does Chris place on helping Jack?

a. Jack has to be his own personal science experiment.

b. Jack has to dump Livvie.

c. Jack has to get together with him for dinner once a week.

d. Jack has to tell everyone what a great brother Chris is.

8. What does Jack get an uncontrollable urge to do?

a. eat

b. sleep

c. have sex

d. kill

9.  Where did Eve get her wedding dress?

a. at Wyndham's

b. in her closet

c. online

d. in the cellar at the monastery

10. What is Ian's surprise for Eve?

a. He hired an architect to design a house for them.

b. He bought the cabin.

c. He booked a trip to Ireland.

d. He got a promotion.

Answers: 1. b  2. c  3.a  4.a  5.c  6.b  7.a  8.d  9.d  10. b

Page updated 8/23/14

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