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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 6/11/01 - 6/15/01 (Week 2 of "Tainted Love")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. What explanation does Jamal give for Alison's scream?

a. He startled her.

b. She saw a mouse.

c. She saw a spider.

d. She cut her hand.

2. Who follows Livvie to the lighthouse?

a. Zach

b. Jamal

c. Jack

d. Caleb

3. What does Victor tell Ian and Eve about Arianna?

a. His contacts had her transferred to a safe place.

b. She willingly went back to her country.

c. She was deported.

d. She got an infection after the surgery and didn't survive.

4. According to Gabriela, what happened while she and Joe were both out sick?

a. They were reprimanded.

b. A rumor started that they got married.

c. They were called in anyway.

d. Several other staff members were also out sick.

5. Whose presence distracts Zach and allows Livvie to get away?

a. Jamal

b. Sam

c. Chris

d. Caleb

6. Where does Livvie go after running from Zach?

a. to the lighthouse

b. to Jack's place

c. to the river

d. to the hospital

7. Who is the DOA brought into the hospital?

a. Abe Kurland, Victor's friend

b. Michael

c. Zach

d. Sam

8. According to Caleb, who is he?

a. just a guy

b. Livvie's future

c. nobody special

d. a priest

9. What does Lucy do when Abe tries to strangle Kevin?

a. knocks him out with a bedpan

b. tries to pull him off Doc and gets knocked across the room

c. grabs a syringe and jabs him

d. yells for security

10. Where does Ian propose to Eve?

a. at the Recovery Room

b. at home

c. at Jake's

d. at Kelly's

Answers: 1. d  2. d  3.a  4.b  5.d  6.c  7.c  8.b  9.a  10. c

Page updated 8/23/14

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