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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 6/4/01 - 6/8/01 (Week 1 of "Tainted Love")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Where do Ian and Eve plan to go after leaving the monastery?

a. straight back to Port Charles

b. to the cabin

c. to a romantic B&B along the way

d. to the airport and then Tirama Island

2. Who is holding Jack when he dies?

a. Livvie

b. Alison

c. Jamal

d. all of the above

3. What kind of help does Lucy have trouble finding?

a. someone to be her dresser

b. performers

c. caterers

d. decorators

4. Which one of Lucy's Tarot cards is Ian carrying around?

a. The Lovers

b. The Stranger

c. The Knight of Cups

d. The King of Pentacles

5. Where do Jamal, Alison, and Livvie get the wood for Jack's coffin?

a. They take it from a construction site.

b. They take it from a lumberyard.

c. They tear down a fence.

d. They find some railroad ties.

6. What does Lucy receive in the mail?

a. a letter and a photo of Christina from Julie

b. notification that she won a prize

c. a blackmail letter

d. a birthday card from Serena

7. At the bike shop, who demands to see Jack?

a. Sam

b. Chris

c. Amanda

d. Mac

8. At Jack's place, what article of his clothing does Livvie put on?

a. his jacket

b. his sweater

c. his socks

d. his t-shirt

9. What does Livvie want to do to Zach?

a. frame him

b. turn him in

c. kill him

d. have him killed

10. What convinces Kevin that Livvie and the others are lying?

a. He doesn't believe Jack would ever leave Livvie.

b. All Jack's things are still in his room.

c. He finds a suspicious letter in Jack's room.

d. He listens in on a phone call.

Answers: 1. b  2. a  3.a  4.b  5.c  6.a  7.b  8.b  9.c  10. b

Page updated 8/23/14

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