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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 12/10/01 - 12/14/01 (Week 2 of "Miracles Happen")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. What do Rafe and Alison give Danny that gives Ian the Christmas spirit?

a. an angel ornament

b. a silver rattle

c. a train set

d. a stuffed reindeer 

2. Who brings home a Christmas tree unexpectedly?

a. Ian

b. Eve

c. Lucy

d. Kevin 

3. Where did Dara finally manage to locate the Hartmans?

a. Phoenix

b. Philadelphia

c. Chicago

d. Orlando 

4. What condition does Chris place on saving Karen's life?

a. his appointment as chief of staff

b. a million dollars

c. Eve has to leave Ian for him.

d. Frank has to walk away from Karen. 

5. What does Kevin buy at Wyndham's?

a. a wedding ring for Lucy

b. a scarf for a woman

c. a toy for Danny

d. a tuxedo 

6. Who goes shopping with Lucy?

a. Serena

b. Kevin

c. Don

d. Rafe 

7. Why did Chris leave Jack at Social Services all those years ago?

a. to please their father

b. to annoy their father

c. to protect Jack

d. as a joke 

8. Why did Rafe go to Alison's apartment?

a. to tell her he loves her

b. to deliver a package

c. to ask for her help

d. to warn her that Valerie was after Jamal 

9. What was in the package?

a. syrups, jams, and molasses

b. a present for Jamal

c. a present for Rafe

d. a dossier on Valerie 

10. What do Jamal and Valerie witness?

a. Rafe performing angel magic

b. Rafe kissing Alison

c. Rafe and Alison in bed

d. Rafe and Alison in the shower 

Answers: 1. a  2. a  3.c  4.d  5.b  6.c  7.c  8.b  9.a  10. b

Page updated 8/23/14

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