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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 12/3/01 - 12/7/01 (Week 1 of "Miracles Happen")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Who wasn't present when Caleb's body was buried?

a. Ian

b. Kevin

c. Frank

d. Victor

2. Who tosses Caleb's music box into the grave?

a. Rafe

b. Lucy

c. Livvie

d. Jack

3. Where is Valerie going to stay?

a. at the retreat

b. Jamal and Alison's place

c. the motel

d. with the Hartmans

4. Who decides that Kevin and Lucy will have a party after all?

a. Kevin

b. Lucy

c. Livvie

d. Rafe

5. According to Rafe, what would Lucy have trouble with in a convent?

a. the vow of silence

b. the dress code

c. giving up her worldly possessions

d. celibacy

6. What does Livvie find at Jack's place?

a. Jack with another woman

b. Jack with his fangs showing

c. Jack drinking blood

d. Jack had moved out

7. Which two people does Rafe talk to at the same time but in different locations?

a. Kevin and Lucy

b. Jack and Livvie

c. Frank and Karen

d. Ian and Eve

8. Who punches Chris and carries Karen out the door?

a. Frank

b. Rafe

c. Ian

d. Joe

9. What does Rafe produce out of thin air to convince Lucy that Kevin really does want to marry her?

a. Kevin's new tux

b. a minister

c. wedding rings

d. an itinerary for their honeymoon

10. Who comes up with the cure for Karen's aging?

a. Chris

b. Ian,

c. Karen

d. Eve

Answers: 1. d  2. b  3.b  4.d  5.a  6.d  7.b  8.a  9.c  10. a

Page updated 8/23/14

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