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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 9/29/03 - 10/3/03 (Week 13 of "The Gift")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Who startles the daylights out of Imani by bursting into the Silverhill Cafe?

  • a. Madea
  • b. Jack
  • c. Ricky
  • d. the sheriff

2. What's the name of the woman who shows Rafe and Alison to their suite?

  • a. Annie
  • b. Annette
  • c. Anita
  • d. Anna

3. According to the newspaper article Ricky reads, why were the Newton brothers arrested?

  • a. for stealing their neighbor's goat
  • b. for setting off firecrackers in people's mailboxes
  • c. for trying to hold up the local bank with a water gun
  • d. for trying to hot-wire their own pickup truck

4. What happens after Jamal bites the sheriff?

  • a. Jamal goes to dispose of the body, but it's gone
  • b. Jamal gets physically ill
  • c. Jack tells Jamal Olivia's story about biting Imani
  • d. all of the above

5. What did Alison and Rafe have for breakfast on their suite's private patio?

  • a. fluffy omelettes, toast, and coffee
  • b.  scones, marmalade, and orange juice
  • c. fresh fruit, cheese, bread, and champagne
  • d. pecan pancakes, bacon, and tea

6. How does Elizabeth get back to Port Charles?

  • a. Chris drives her
  • b. she takes a cab
  • c. Ian and Lucy take her
  • d. she walks down the mountain and hitchhikes the rest of the way

7. Who rescues Christina when she falls?

  • a. Lucy
  • b. Ian
  • c. Kevin
  • d. Elizabeth

8.  At the cafe, what stops Imani from finally telling Jamal her secret?

  • a. Madea knocks Jamal out cold with a frying pan
  • b. the sheriff arrives
  • c. Imani gets a phone call
  • d. Jamal tells her he doesn't want to know

9.  Who are the guests at Alison and Rafe's wedding?

  • a. Jack, Ian, Lucy, Elizabeth, and Chris
  • b. Ian, Lucy, Jack, Elizabeth, and Amanda
  • c. Elizabeth, Ricky, Ian, Lucy, and Jack
  • d. Lucy, Jack, Ian, Elizabeth, and Ed

10. Fill in the blank for this line from Caleb and Olivia's wedding. "Dearly _______, here shrouded in darkness..."

  • a. beloved
  • b. departed
  • c. vampiric
  • d. unholy

Answers: 1. c   2. b   3. d   4. d   5. b   6. a   7. b   8. a   9. c  10. b

Page updated 8/23/14

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