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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 9/22/03 - 9/26/03 (Week 12 of "The Gift")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Where does Imani plan to take Jamal?

a. church

b. the cemetery

c. her room

d. fishing

2. To what creature does Caleb liken Olivia?

a. a black widow

b. a scorpion

c. a viper

d. a wolf

3. What favor does Rafe ask of Lucy?

a. stand up for him at his wedding

b. let him and Alison take Christina for the weekend

c. give her blessing in his decision to marry Alison and give up slaying

d. help plan the wedding

4. Which Stephen Clay Experience song was playing when Caleb came home to Olivia?

a. "Naked Eyes"

b. "Newborn Heart"

c. "Give It to Me"

d. "The Gift"

5. What is Rafe's latest beef with Caleb?

a. he found out that Caleb had sex with Alison

b. he's suspicious of all the "accidental" meetings with Alison

c. he doesn't like the way Caleb treats Olivia

d. he doesn't like the band's new song

6. What painful scene from the past does Caleb force Olivia to watch?

a. pulling Tess from her body

b. when she staked him with the silver arrow

c. his activities at the barn with Alison

d. the light crashing down on Kevin

7. Believing that both Ian and Elizabeth betrayed him, what did Chris do?

a. cut the tires on both their vehicles

b. told Alison that he is "Georges"

c. helped Kevin win Lucy's heart

d. both b and c

8.  What color is the ugly wedding gown Alison tries on for fun?

a. taupe

b. yellow

c. blue

d. pink

9.  Already stranded at the cabin with Ian, how does Elizabeth make things worse?

a. goads Ian until he bites her

b. accidentally punctures Ian's only blood packet

c. locks them out of the cabin

d. destroys Ian's research

10. What name does Caleb use when setting his trap at the gym?

a. Joel

b. Steve

c. Vince

d. Mark

Answers: 1. d   2. b   3. c   4. c   5. b   6. b   7. a   8. d   9. b  10. a

Page updated 8/23/14

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