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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 8/25/03 - 8/29/03 (Week 8 of "The Gift")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Who accuses Rafe of thinking he's God?

a. Olivia

b. Alison

c. Jack

d. Caleb

2. Where have Ricky and Casey been?

a. Manhattan

b. Atlantic City

c. Boston

d. the woods

3. What does Elizabeth tell Chris to expect when he gets home?

a. she decorated his penthouse to thank him for his help

b. she has moved in with him to keep up their story of being lovers

c. she has turned his place into the production center for their new business

d. she got him a dog for companionship

4. Why doesn't Lucy want Christina to take a nap?

a. she needs to clean her room for a play date

b. Ian wants to take her out for ice cream

c. she needs to get ready to go to Gail's

d. they're expecting Rafe and Alison to stop by

5. Where does Ricky invite Reese?

a. the movies

b. his place

c. a family barbecue

d. a trip to Manhattan

6. What does Rafe find while snooping around in Caleb's loft?

a. Alison's charm

b. Caleb's book of vampire history

c. the ring

d. lyrics to the band's next song

7. Who asks Kevin not to leave Lucy's house?

a. Christina

b. Lucy

c. Ian

d. Victor

8.  How does Olivia distract Caleb so that she can remove his ring?

a. sex

b. massage

c. feeding

d. lathering him up in the shower

9.  What's the name of Christina's favorite doll?

a. Barbie

b. Midge

c. Dawn

d. Gemma

10. What is Jamal's surprise for Imani?

a. a home-cooked meal

b. plans to add a room to his apartment

c. a puppy

d. popcorn and videos

Answers: 1. c   2. b   3. c   4. a   5. c   6. b   7. a   8. b   9. d  10. a

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