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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 8/11/03 - 8/15/03 (Week 6 of "The Gift")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. What potential weapon does Rafe grab, and why?

a. a stake, to get rid of Olivia for the greater good

b. a scalpel, to cut the ring off Caleb's finger

c. acid, to toss around The Elixir and see how many vamps he can hit

d. the silver arrow, to put Frank out of his misery

2. Besides her stuffed tiger, what does Christina take to Kevin's hospital room?

a. the ring

b. juice

c. flowers

d. Sigmund

3. Who doesn't invite Kevin to come home with her?

a. Mary

b. Lucy

c. Olivia

d. Christina

4. According to Lucy, who took Christina to the park?

a. Imani

b. Colleen

c. Carmen

d. Gail

5. What happens to Jamal's bike?

a. he wrecks it

b. it runs out of gas

c. Ricky steals it

d. someone cut the brakeline

6. What does Olivia drink at the Elixir?

a. water

b. wine

c. tequila

d. blood

7. How does Imani try to cheer Jamal up?

a. by accepting a smoothie date

b. by giving him a little remote-control motorcycle to play with

c. by confiding in him about her past

d. by agreeing to move in with him

8.  Who didn't have a fantasy about Kevin's future?

a. Kevin

b. Christina

c. Lucy

d. Ian

9. What does Imani tell Jamal is wrong with her neck?

a. a hickey

b. a pimple

c. a vampire bite

d. a mosquito bite

10. At the Elixir, what does Elizabeth advise Chris to improve?

a. the "Georges" wig

b. the "Georges" accent

c. his attitude

d. his business skills

Answers:   1. b   2. c   3. a   4. d   5. c   6. c   7. b   8. b   9. d  10. b

Page updated 8/23/14

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