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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 7/14/03 - 7/19/03 (Week 2 of "The Gift")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. What doesn't Jamal wish for?

a. a lot of money

b. to know what Imani is thinking

c. to be mortal again

d. to get back with Alison

2. How does Olivia know where to find Caleb?

a. Jack calls to let her know

b. she follows him

c. she used her vamp power to locate him

d. she just took a chance that he would be there

3. What book did Ian read to Christina?

a. Goodnight, Moon

b. Bunnicula

c. Mother Goose stories

d. Green Eggs and Ham

4. After Elizabeth advises Alison to start fresh without Rafe, who witnesses Alison's verbal abuse of her mother?

a. Kevin

b. Rafe

c. Chris

d. Colleen

5. What does Olivia call Alison that really sets her off?

a. "Princess of Pink"

b. "slayer layer"

c. "Miss Goodness and Light"

d. "manipulating, man-stealing bitch"

6. Why isn't Ricky getting enough sleep?

a. he's seeing Casey everywhere

b. he's partying all night

c. he's working on some new music

d. he's pulling all-nighters for college

7. What "weapon" do Alison and Olivia use against each other?

a. pies

b. paint

c. mud

d. water

8. Who asks Caleb not to hurt Frank?

a. Mary

b. Victor

c. Rafe

d. Livvie

9. According to the "changed" Livvie, what does Caleb need?

a. to feed on her

b. muffins

c. a new song

d. to get a life

10. What is Imani getting ready to do when Jamal bursts into the room?

a. go to bed

b. sing

c. leave town

d. have a sandwich

Answers:  1. d   2. a   3. a   4. c   5. d   6. a   7. b   8. d   9. b  10. b

Page updated 8/23/14

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