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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 2/12/01 - 2/16/01 (Week 11 of "Fate")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1.  Who punches Chris after finding him with Livvie?

a. Jack

b. Kevin

c. Lucy

d. Eve

2.  What is in the package from Eve's patient?

a.  a box of candy

b.  a teddy bear

c.  a scented candle

d.  a bottle of bubble bath

3.  Who cuts Livvie's hair?

a.  Alison

b.  Lucy

c.  Livvie

d.  Mary

4.  Where is the big Valentine's party held?

a.  at the hospital

b.  at Jake's

c.  at the Recovery Room

d.  at the park

5.  Whom does Lucy enlist to keep Chris occupied while Kevin talks to Livvie?

a.  Victor

b.  Jack

c.  Alison

d.  Joe

6.  Who urges Ian to dance with Arianna?

a.  Ben

b.  Mary

c.  Eve

d.  Kevin

7.  What surprise does Chris have for Livvie?

a.  an apartment filled with roses

b.  tickets to the Bahamas

c.  her grandmother, who now lives with her

d.  a job working for him

8.  Whom does Chris pay to spy on Livvie for him?

a.  Estelle

b.  Kim

c.  Alison

d. Jamal

9. What shocking news does the doctor give Lucy?

a.  she needs surgery

b.  she needs therapy

c.  she isn't who she thinks she is

d.  she might be pregnant

10.  Who is waiting for Jamal at the address Frank gave him?

a.  Frank

b.  Jack

c.  Alison

d.  Travis

Answers: 1. a  2. b  3.c  4.c  5.a  6.b  7.c  8.b  9.d  10. c

Page updated 8/23/14

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