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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 1/22/01 - 1/26/01 (Week 8 of "Fate")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Who is Darrell?

a. a new doctor in town

b. Lucy's real estate agent

c. the bartender at the Recovery Room

d. an old colleague of Victor's

2. Who finds Arianna at the bottom of the stairs?

a. Ian

b. Joe

c. Neil

d. Frank

3. What would Livvie rather talk to Lucy about than sex?

a. cooking skills

b. the weather

c. what's on television

d. floor tiles

4.  Who snoops to find out what prescription Livvie had filled?

a. Alison

b. Kevin

c. Chris

d. Lucy

5. Why did Lucy buy a dog carrier?

a. She found a puppy.

b. She plans to adopt a cat.

c. She wants to bring Sigmund to her new house.

d. She didn't mean to buy it. She just got carried away with her shopping.

6. Who hired the private detective?

a. Amanda

b. Chris

c. Kevin

d. Lucy

7.  Who tells Lucy that her house has very interesting feng shui?

a. Victor

b. Serena

c. Kevin

d. Livvie

8. How does Ben step up his plan to take Arianna?

a. he takes their father to see her

b. he brings in immigration officials

c. he hides in the closet of her hospital room

d. he bribes hospital employees to help

9. Who accompanies Lucy back to her place after they leave the bar?

a. Livvie

b. Kevin

c. Jack

d. the bartender

10. What warning does Frank give Neil and Serena?

a. to stay away from the wedding cake

b. not to wander out to the pond

c. not to do anything he wouldn't do

d. not to ruin their good clothes

Answers: 1. b  2. a  3.d  4.c  5.c  6.b  7.a  8.b  9.c  10. a .

Page updated 8/23/14

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