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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 1/8/01 - 1/12/01 (Week 6 of "Fate")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. What does Scott advise Lucy to do?

a. confess to having altered the DNA test results

b. head for a country with no extradition agreement

c. keep her mouth shut and hope for the best

d. let him cover for her

2. Where does Jack get $10,000?

a. He stole it from Chris.

b. Chris gave it to him.

c. He took out a loan.

d. One of his schemes paid off.

3. What does Livvie find when she gets home?

a. Chris is there, having broken in again.

b. The room is filled with fresh flowers.

c. Lucy and Kevin in a compromising position

d. A note from Jack, saying to meet him at the Recovery Room

4. Who tells Ian to back off and give Eve time ?

a. Kevin

b. Karen

c. Gail

d. Scott

5. Why does the hit-and-run driver tell Ian she hit Eve on purpose?

a. Because it's true

b. Because she's a pathological liar

c. Because she believes she's safer in jail than on the outside

d. Because someone is blackmailing her into making a false confession

6. Who drives Livvie home from the police station?

a. Alison

b. Chris

c. Jack

d. Jamal

7. Where is Courtney?

a. in Port Charles

b. in Manhattan

c. in Paris

d. in Rome

8. What weapons do Frank and Karen wield in their food fight?

a. cans of whipped cream

b. mustard and ketchup bottles

c. chocolate and butterscotch sauces

d. soft drink cans

9. Who wants to kill Arianna?

a. her family

b. her lover

c. her boss

d. her roommate

10. Who gets a surprise visit from Eve?

a. Lucy

b. Victor

c. Gabriela

d. Karen

Answers: 1. a  2. b  3.b  4.c  5.c  6.a  7.c  8.b  9.a  10. d

Page updated 8/23/14

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