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Port Charles Trivia Quizzes Pages

PC Trivia Quizzes

Week of 12/11/00 - 12/15/00 (Week 2 of "Fate")
By Beth
Proofread and checked by John

1. Who rescues Kevin from the fire?

a. Lucy

b. Victor

c. Mac

d. Frank

2. Who is in the photo Jack has been carrying?

a. Jack and his mom

b. Jack and Chris

c. Jack and his parents

d. Jack, Chris, and their parents

3. What does Chris say he'll count after Jack leaves?

a. his money

b. his blessings

c. his chickens

d. the silverware

4. What occasion does Kevin suggest celebrating with champagne?

a. Christmas Eve

b. the fact that it's Tuesday

c. being a free man

d. being alive

5. What unexpected item does Alison find in the bag of groceries?

a. truffle oil

b. marijuana

c. Count Chocula

d. boxed macaroni and cheese

6. Where is Ian's idyllic island?

a. near Jamaica

b. in Lake Ontario

c. south of Borneo

d. in the Florida keys

7. Why is Scott late meeting Lucy?

a. He  got stuck in traffic.

b. He forgot all about it.

c. He wanted to finish eating his fish sticks first.

d. His barber is being sued for giving bad haircuts.

8. Who is Denny?

a. one of the guards holding Ian and Eve prisoner

b. the private investigator Chris hired to get the dirt on Jack

c. a college student who tried to pick up both Livvie and Alison

d. one of Serena's stuffed animals

9. Who covers for Joe, who was supposed to hang Christmas decorations at the Recovery Room?

a. Victor

b. Bob

c. Frank

d. Alison

10. What was Gabriela preparing for her dinner with Joe?

a. a roast

b. linguine with clam sauce

c. arroz con pollo

d. steaks

Answers: 1. a  2. b  3.d  4.b  5.a  6.c  7.d  8.b  9.c  10. a .

Page updated 8/23/14

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