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Who Said That? #4

Take a look at these memorable lines from "Time in a Bottle" and try to remember who said them.

1. "I think it's time that our Dr. Ramsey met with an unfortunate accident."

2. "Listen, you cannot go in and gut Chris like a fish. That would be way too messy."

3. "Come here, I'll show you crazy. Look, right there. There's crazy. Come on, let's wave to crazy!"

4. "Remind me never go into that kitchen again. It's bad. It's bad, bad, bad."

5. "Guess where I am and what I've got in my hand, other than a cell phone." "Is this an obscene call?"

6. "You try telling Thornhart that he has an accent and you're going to get an argument."

7. "Shouldn't you be home preparing dinner instead of here causing trouble?"

8. "It's not going to sting me, is it? Is it?"

9. "My kisses make you think of a 70-year-old man."

10. "Get out of my way. I want to get a fish stick."


Page updated 8/23/14

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