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Who Said That? #1

Take a look at these memorable lines from "Fate" and try to remember who said them.

1. "The face of Lambert."

2. "She seems to like vegetables."

3. "That guy has three different kinds of cheese on his cheeseburger, and I really feel that I should say something because it's not very healthy."

4. "Besides, if I did, who would you have to eat candy corns and pizza with, huh?"

5. "I so hope you did what I did on your Christmas vacation."

6. "Okay, well, I could be your, like, holly jolly, you know, like guerrilla spritzer."

7. "Very interesting feng shui."

8. "It's uglier than a box of frogs?"

9. "He's actually being sued for some bad haircuts."

10. "Oh, come on, if this is a sex talk, I'd rather go back to discussing floor tiles."


Page updated 8/23/14

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