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Port Charles Poetry Pages


PC Poems

Port Charles Poems by Suzanne

Port Charles: The End

Often silly or unbelievable
Often heart-tugging or gripping
Barely Ever Dull

My favorites
Kevin and Lucy and Ian
Who should she be with?
Both, I say
They can share custody of her and her girls

never had a good story
moments of greatness
comedy that deserves better
never had a girl for more than five minutes
he will be sorely missed most of all

Rafe and Allison
my second favorite couple
young love
beyond death
they finally got a happy ending
but tainted, if I may use that word
by Caleb

Poor Frank
never got over Karen
and is stuck being a vampire
truly for eternity
in storyland limbo

Victor and Mary
Does she know he's a vampire?
How will they live together?
I would love to see those scenes

Nobody but Kevin knows that Livvie made him crazy by sticking him
with that needle
Nobody but Jamal knows that Imani is a werewolf
Nobody but Caleb knows that Livvie caused Kevin's accident

Caleb and Livvie
a great couple for the ages
doomed by love, insecurity, passion and immortality

Mourning the show
and missing the people, the characters, the writing, everything

I wish we'd got to see Joe, Karen, Eve, Gabriela, Courtney, Emilio,
and Serena at the end
but we never will
How sad

Feelings of PC

Can't wait
what will happen next
The thud at the end of the show
(better than that Law and Order CHUNG)
the Oh My God! feeling
the rush of adrenaline
the sudden intake of breath
the unexpected laughter
the smile of relief
the giddiness of reuniting
the sadness of sudden death

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Page updated 12/12/11

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