PC Best and Worst Monday 8/11/03


Port Charles Best and Worst Monday 8/11/03

Provided by Boo


Finally, Livvie isn't being 'bailed out' of her screw-ups.
"My guess would be that you're too late."
"Some day it's gonna be right back at the bottom of that river with a finger attached to it."
"He's gone, isn't he?"
"Well, I'm glad that you didn't, and I'm also glad that Caleb has his own ring back."
"Oh I think we both know why it happened and I'm guessing you know how."
"You still have feeling in your right side."
"Alison I love you, hmm, but you are living in a dream world."
"I'm sorry. What's done is done."
"As you wish."
"I see your point. You made it loud and clear."


"I can't move! What happened to me?"
"I think you and I would both be more comfortable if you'd remove yourself from the case."
"I don't need my hand held; and as for you, don't look at me like that!"

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