PC Best and Worst Thursday 4/18/02


Port Charles Best and Worst Thursday 4/18/02

Provided by Boo


Rebecca's candle shop was also in the same barn?
Seeing Jamal and Jack's friendship again.
"Now I'm saying it with pot roast."
"Rebecca was one unpopular lady back then."
"I wanted to try to help Alison, not hurt her."
"Livvie obviously exaggerated."
"But I think you and I both know you could have handled this differently."
"You're making me cry, Scanlon, cut that out."
"You're talking to a woman who talks to her duck about love."
"You are the queen of candles now."
"Unless Rebecca took it after she died."
"Instead of Alison needing help, I think it's Livvie."
"You have to keep Livvie and her father out of this shop, or you'll be very sorry. We both will."


"Whatever makes you think I would marry a slut like you?"
"We'll light them right now and you can see that I'm not the crazy one."
"Where you going dressed like that, hmmm? To one of your customers?"

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