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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
2/24/03 - 2/28/03
Proofread by John


Really powerful performances by Kelly and Michael.

What's the deal with this "no interfering" rule? Isn't just being there interfering? How can Casey protect Ricky without interfering?

After the fiasco with Rafe and Alison, why didn't Elizabeth think to change her blouse--what there is of it? She was still wearing it when Joshua showed up.

I knew Caleb would get shot (thanks to the preview--why did they ruin Friday's great cliffhanger by showing the outcome in the preview?) but had no idea what would actually happen. I didn't even think about Ian using his powers to get Kevin out of the way.

Tess was right to accuse Jack of being no better than Caleb. She'll never see him the same away again.


Since I do my best to avoid spoilers (which really do ruin things for me), I was relieved to see Rafe. I was also glad to see Caleb open his eyes. I figured Tess would heal him, but I didn't know for certain.

Now, about this ceremony. When Elizabeth bit Joshua, Rafe checked the body and said, "There's a ritual." He didn't follow it, so he should have known that Joshua would come back. Then Rafe went to great lengths today to perform his little ritual in a ceremony. Now I have to ask something. Did Rafe not know about the ritual the first two times they tried to kill Caleb? And if the ritual is truly a requirement, and if a slayer has to be the one to kill a vampire, why did Livvie manage to kill him and make him stay that way until Rafe's return brought him back?

Alison's coat is cute. I like the dragonflies. I couldn't wear it, but it's cute on her.

I think I've officially decided that I don't like Jack anymore. At first I thought it was nice that he wanted to protect Tess. Now he's gone and deceived her, supposedly for her own good. After they got home, I began to see how controlling he is. He thinks he's protecting her, but in his overprotectiveness he has become extremely controlling. It's disturbing.


What a fantastic episode! The montage was just perfect--especially the kiss. :-)

I do want to mention "Newborn Heart." It was different this time. There was a new verse and accompanying transition. I now know that I shouldn't have trusted the lyrics they gave us the first time around. Normally, I know better than to rely on the closed captioning. I've seen too many glaring mistakes. Last week, Lucy clearly said "Petrified" but the caption had it as "You bet your life." I'm serious. I heard it, and I watched her lips. No doubt about it. (I also remember once on OLTL when Carlotta said, "Portate bien" and the caption said "Por todo bien." Absolutely not.) That's why whenever I include a direct quote, I'm very careful to be sure I have it right. Anyway, I knew the lyrics didn't sound right, but I just got confused, and since I couldn't prove I was right (and they were wrong), I went with what they had. I was vindicated today, when what I had heard before was actually in the captions. This means:

So magnify the light (not "so make a fire to light")
Justify the night (not "just a fire tonight")

The correct lyrics make more sense, and I wish I had trusted my hearing enough to get them right the first time they aired. Sigh.

Glad to see Jack finally open his eyes. Ian was right to say what he did.

Elizabeth also had a great insult for Lucy about her competence as a slayer. Don't we all wish we'd said it?

Awwww. All the scenes with Caleb and Tess were so sweet. I was always in favor of Stephen and Tess. Maybe her unconditional love will change Caleb enough to let him stay around.


I didn't particularly enjoy seeing Jack wallow in self-pity, but I was amused when a feather or piece of fuzz wafted down in front of him. Brian Presley, the actor portraying Jack, definitely seemed to notice it, because he looked down just as it passed his face.


Finally!!! I knew they had to get back to the music by The Stephen Clay Experience sometime. I always hoped they would, anyway. They made it clear almost from the beginning of "Naked Eyes" that the music had strange effects on people. That's why Dr. Fox used it on Kevin and talked about his "other." It's why Rafe and Lucy were so averse to it whenever they heard it. It's also why Ed told Rafe to trust his instincts about it. It wasn't just because Ed knew that Stephen was Caleb. Ed also knew how the music affects people. Thank you, writers, for coming back to this!

My husband thinks Rafe and Ian are hearing the massacre at Turmistan. It makes perfect sense to me. We'll see.

Page updated 6/3/10

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