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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Rant to the Characters
1/20/03 - 1/24/03

Proofread by John

Ian, what's the matter with you??? Lucy's promise to wait for you gives you a reason to fight your vampirism? Hello??? Isn't Danny a good reason? You know--Daniel Griffin Thornhart, your son! And another thing. If you can't function as a doctor, then get out of the way and make room for someone who can! Kevin did Tess more good than you did! Speaking of incompetence, what's the deal with letting the water bottles burst? How did they manage to get that cold inside the car? Were you trying to freeze Lucy out? Or did you have that crate strapped to the roof? You know you need the stuff, so why would you take such a chance with those bottles? Even my extremely non-scientific mind knows that plastic water bottles can burst when exposed to extreme cold!

Lucy, will you please leave Caleb alone? The guy was obviously hurting, but you just had to confront him about his feelings. And why won't you leave Ian alone? Don't you want him to find a cure for his vampirism? You're a distraction and a temptation. He told you that, and the two of you proved it at the cabin. Now that you've done it, are you going to be able to stay away from each other long enough to let him do his research?

Alison, didn't Rafe ask you to go straight back to your room and lock yourself in? You just couldn't do it, though, could you? You just had to stop by your mother's room first. Well, look where that got you. You got manhandled and threatened with rape and murder. Lucky for you that your mother's a vampire, because she sure saved your butt this time.

Joshua, get over yourself! Your incredible male ego leads you to believe that every woman in the world would trip over herself to get to you. Please. You're a very attractive man, but anyone with a brain cell could see through to your sleazy heart. Your presumptuousness knows no bounds, and that includes your insubordination to Caleb--your boss. Elizabeth was right; you're just the hired help.

Kevin, why is it so hard to understand that Tess is just as much your daughter as Livvie is? Is it because you've never seen any goodness in Livvie? Granted, it's been a long time since it was there, but you did know Livvie long before all the goodness was removed and made flesh in Tess. Speaking of Tess, she would love to heal you and get you back to normal, but you stop her every time she tries to touch you. You may think you're a better man now, but where has it gotten you? You've lost your wife to another man, you've lost your friends, and you rarely see Christina. Yeah, Dr. Fox REALLY did you a lot of good.

Marissa, moronic behavior is not attractive. You may think of yourself as an investigative reporter, but that's over. You're a lyricist now, and smart lyricists don't go snooping around a nest of vampires alone.

Elizabeth, what did you think you were doing? You promised Alison that you wouldn't tell anyone what she was really doing in Capri. It sure didn't take long to break your promise, did it? To be fair, you completely redeemed yourself when you sank your fangs into that slime ball Joshua's miserable little neck, but next time, think before you speak!

Page updated 6/3/10

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