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Port Charles Articles Pages


2001 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
1/22/01 - 1/26/01
Proofread by John


It was absolutely hilarious seeing Kevin's smiling face on the bottle of champagne. That was the best part of the scene at Mario's. Lucy's antics rarely amuse me, and her hallucinations just prove that she's in need of psychiatric help.

In contrast, Eve imagined Ian's voice and thought she saw him, but she had been daydreaming, and Kevin was probably the last person she expected to see there. As far as she knew, he had no idea that she was at the compound.

Kevin was wrong to scold Karen, who had no power to stop Eve from going to the compound. Karen was just being a friend by going with her. I wish she hadn't cancelled her date with Frank at the last minute, though. That was quite rude.


I liked hearing Mac and Kevin talk about the challenges that come with fatherhood.

Arianna seems to be falling for Ian. This is apparently the first time she's been in love.

I can't figure out why Livvie went to the hospital and picked up her prescription from Colleen. Maybe it was faster that way, if she got it from a doctor there at the hospital. Still, why not have it called in and just go to the pharmacy? She was embarrassed about it, so it would have made more sense to go someplace where no one would find out what she was getting.


Denny's partner really knew how to play Alison. Chris knew that her nosiness would pay off, which is why he chose her as their unwitting accomplice.

Honestly, Ian needs to just tell Eve the truth. Forget about what Gail said; she's Kevin's friend and doesn't want his marriage to fall apart. 

It was rude of Eve to insist that Ian take his bracelet back. It was a gift.


Victor looked so sad when he realized what Lucy was up to. He just sat there with that forlorn expression on his face while she considered wearing a white outfit to the ceremony.

With Mac and Karen both advising against going on with the ceremony, why did Eve and Kevin disregard their advice? Too bad Karen and Mac didn't consult with each other. Maybe then they would have had a better chance of talking them out of it.


In yesterday's episode, Joe thought Ian should go to the ceremony and give Eve another chance to get her memory back. Today, he basically called Ian a glutton for punishment when he showed up at the lighthouse. That was a little weird.

Lucy was absolutely obnoxious. I can understand that it would be hard to keep quiet, but she had no business acting the way she did.

Ian played Eve perfectly. He said almost the exact same words as he said to her at the cabin, hoping they would spark a memory. Unfortunately, he left before she managed to regain her memory and stop the ceremony.

Page updated 6/3/10

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