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Port Charles Articles Pages


2001 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
1/8/01 - 1/12/01
Proofread by John


Lucy used her friendship with Scott to push herself on him as a client. She basically forced him to take the case. Yes, he could have refused, but that would have been setting himself up for never-ending pleas and whining and everything that entails. He probably thought it would be easier to just represent her.


It wasn't specifically stated, but Gail seems to have put the pieces together, between what Eve said to her about Ian, and Ian's reluctance to leave and his desire to push her into remembering what happened.

Kevin was too indulgent with Lucy's ramblings. He should have told her to get to the point.

I like the guy Lucy collided with when she was rushing around. It would be nice to see him again.


Finally! Kevin is furious with Lucy for what she did. It's about time! I'm glad he accused her of betraying him, because that's exactly what happened. What she did is unforgivable.

Jack is really trying to turn over a new leaf and not con people anymore, but Chris is using his past against him. It figures.

Ian needs to start locking his windows.


Frank came very close to having ketchup in his eyes! I hope they were using fake ketchup and mustard, like colored lotion or something. The real stuff would be truly gross for anyone who doesn't like the smell.

Speaking of Frank's eyes, they really twinkle when he's flirting.


At some point while we weren't watching, Ian found out Arianna's name. I suppose it's possible she gave her real name at the police station, but no one thought she was being truthful about that at the time.

Kevin makes me sick. He kisses Lucy after what she did? What the heck?!? He needs to get his head on straight and figure out exactly what he wants to do about Eve and Lucy.

Page updated 6/3/10

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