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Port Charles Articles Pages


2001 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
1/1/01 - 1/5/01
Proofread by John


It's New Year's Day, which means there wasn't a show.


Eve was anxious to get back to Ian, but does that mean she should just run across the road without looking? I know the car was speeding, but they should have heard it approaching.

Some of the dialogue at the hospital was amusing. Joe said something to Ian about being glad he was alive, but the comment was kind of lost in the shuffle. It didn't even show up in the closed captions.


I love the way Kevin keeps talking about the DNA report in front of Lucy. I can't believe she would say that DNA testing is "silly and unreliable." I'm glad Victor corrected her.

Ian is understandably angry about Kevin's failure to answer the door, but as I said last week, it's not a requirement. He asked Kevin what was so important that he didn't answer the door. We all know what Kevin was doing, but suppose it was something else. What if he'd been in the bathroom? In the shower? Sleeping? It's really no one's business what he was doing in his own home at the time.


Alison was being a bit silly.  They really didn't have a decent heat source once the space heater blew, and it's understandable that she might have wanted to go someplace warmer. However, she seemed more concerned about the cappuccino machine and the other gadgets she deemed essential.

Kevin has his priorities straight for the moment, but he really should tell Eve what he did while she was presumed dead.


Lucy needs to back off immediately. Kevin wants to stand by Eve, his wife, and that's his prerogative. I can't wait until he finds out that Lucy was the one who falsified the DNA test results.

Ian looked heartbroken when he left Eve's room. It's really sad that she doesn't remember what happened between them. Eve needs the facts. She held back with Ian because she wanted to tell Kevin first. Now they both need to move on, but they can't do it until Eve knows the truth.

Page updated 6/3/10

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