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2000 PC Articles

Critique of Port Charles Characters
By Merilee
Proofread by Beth

Kevin: This week, we saw him go from professional to almost losing it. (I didn't see yesterday's show, so I don't know if anything happened to him.) He has long been my favorite since his days on GH. I like Eve, but I would like to see those two apart and him back with Lucy.

Lucy: This woman seems to be all over the hospital. I loved that fight with her and Rachel. She got conked on the head the other day; so when was there time to put that blue mark on her neck?

Rachel: If there were an award for bad mothers, I would nominate this lady. She seems to care for the women in her life, but good grief! (I would have died being separated from my kids.)

Livvie: All I have to say is get her away from Chris before he leads her further down the road of destruction.

Estelle: This lady is a hell of an actress. One minute she is sane, and the next, she's really gone.

Jack and Chris: How long is Jack going to hide from his brother? This sneaking around and befriending Livvie is getting old. He's kind of like a stalker. Of course, that's how big brother started out.

Eve and Ian: Once these two figure out that they should stop hiding their true feelings, they might feel better. There are other great doctor couples out there.

Karen: It was nice to see her at work for a change instead of behind the computer. I would still like to see more interacting between her and Serena.

Joe and Gabriela: This has to be the sweetest couple that I've seen in a long time. No phobias here. The new Joe has really made the role his own.

Frank and Emilio: Emilio is so worried about his sister and Joe. Next, he will be doing the same thing with Frank. Wake up, man! You know the facts.

Courtney and Neil: Keep Neil and ditch Courtney. I'd like to see the boy go live with his father. Somebody blue-dot Courtney.

Iris: This poor sweet girl. I just wonder if she was picked up off the street and dragged away for experimental purposes. I hope she soon realizes that Ian and Eve are trying to help her.

Boardman: I have not liked this man from the beginning. I thought Chris and Rachel were evil, but this man can run rings around them.

Amanda, Jamal, Alison, and Curtis: Jamal and Alison figured out the dealings between the other two. What I can't figure out is how Amanda met Cedric in the first place. Any ideas?

Page updated 6/3/10

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