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2000 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
12/25/00 - 12/29/00
Proofread by John


It's Christmas, which means there wasn't a show today.


I agree with Alison. It's too soon to try to fix Kevin up with another woman. He believes that his wife just died, and it's no time to play matchmaker.


I guess I should have known that Eve would go back for Ian. She's too hardheaded to go along with the plan. Was the pilot really going to take her home? Was she really the one who called Ian? I thought Harris had bugged their cell, found out the code word, and tricked Ian, but I don't know. It's possible that she made the call, but she was supposed to wait until she got home safely. Hadn't she just left? Why didn't Ian realize that it was too soon for her to call?


If I were at someone's home, and I accidentally sat on a VHS tape because I wasn't paying attention, I certainly wouldn't start playing it to see what it was. That would be none of my business. However, Lucy doesn't believe that there's anything that's none of her business, especially if it has anything to do with Kevin. Funny how she tried so hard to stop the VCR, yet he was able to stop it with one little try.

Ian and Eve definitely have great chemistry. I would love to see Ian make a shelter out of twigs and icicles.


Chris is at it again. I'm glad Livvie confronted him about being in her room uninvited. She should have asked why he couldn't just slip a note under her door instead.

I'm glad Eve thought Kevin deserved to know the truth, instead of just going away forever with Ian.

Kevin has every right not to answer the door. However, I don't like that he was with Lucy. I do believe they belong together, but it's just too soon.

Page updated 6/3/10

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