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Beth's Opinions
12/18/00 - 12/22/00

Proofread by John


The scenes with Frank, Alison, and Jamal were great! Frank knows how nosy Alison is, and he tried to warn Jamal, who refused to listen. Then Alison sneaked up on Jamal and let him know that she was on the case. I loved it!

What Lucy did was wrong. I don't believe she changed the results for the right reasons, no matter what she says. She did it for herself.


Apparently, Lucy has no idea how to read her cards. She seems to twist them around to mean what she wants them to mean, even though she claims to have such great intuition and insight.


Kevin finally did something right where Lucy is concerned. He picked her up and deposited her outside when she refused to leave his home. She is obnoxious. I'm so tired of hearing her say that she won't let someone do whatever it is they want to do. I'd like to know who made her the boss of the universe.

Do people actually answer the door when they're making out? Maybe Livvie figured that Chris would find a way to get inside even if she didn't answer the door, but I think that would have been better.

Ian is obviously feeling better, the pervert!


I see that Lucy let herself into the lighthouse again. Does she have no boundaries?

I don't understand why Alison wants to make Jamal's Christmases like they were when he was growing up. Why can't they start new traditions? Sure, they can keep some of the old ones, but they should be able to do a few new things.

It was rather rude of Kevin to leave Victor's gift behind. He could have thrown it away, and Victor wouldn't have known. Instead, he left it out where Victor might find it later on. Maybe he wanted Victor to have it instead of just tossing it out, but it just seems rude to let him know that he was rejecting his gift.


Alison was adorable. I loved the way she shook her head to jingle the bells on her elf hat.

It was very nice of all those people to cancel their Christmas Eve plans for Kevin's sake.

Ian and Eve's Christmas scenes were good. I like the way Ian was determined to give Eve some kind of Christmas, however strange.

Page updated 6/3/10

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