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2000 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
12/11/00 - 12/15/00
Proofread by John


I really don't know what to think about Ian and Eve's budding relationship. I do think they're a much better match than Eve and Kevin, but Eve is a married woman, after all, and Ian should respect that. So should Eve. If they're going to be together, they should wait until Eve is free.

Ian was absolutely right to blame Eve for her predicament. She wouldn't have been there if she hadn't gotten into the car. He was trying to get out of town without seducing a married woman away from her husband. Eve refused to let it go, and that's why she found herself at the compound with Ian.


Alison and Livvie giggle like young teenagers when they talk about guys. Their scene is cute, especially when Alison describes Jack's many identities. They seem like great friends.

I like Kevin, but he is being a jerk. Where's his love for Eve while he's hitting on Lucy?


"Spunky" is living up to her nickname here. I like her childish, playful interrogation of Jamal about his new job and whether or not he has a female boss she'll have to kill. Victor's reaction to her "need" to get away from work for a few minutes was funny. He seemed exasperated and resigned to her attitude at the same time.

Poor Victor. He's just trying to get to know Livvie and be a good grandfather to her, but she really gave him a hard time about crazy families.


I'm cracking up. Scott's barber is being sued for giving bad haircuts? That's one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. Lucy swearing on his hair is just too much!

Poor Colleen, having to deal with a slow computer. Is there anyone who can't relate to that? I think most people have had to deal with a slow computer at some point.


Loved the interaction between Frank and Mary. It's great that he's covering for Joe and taking his side, since what Joe is up to is really none of Mary's business.

The scene at Gabriela's apartment was great. She really wanted it to be a special dinner, but she wasn't paying attention, and it burned. I like her and Joe together.

Another terrific performance by Thorsten.

Page updated 6/3/10

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