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Beth's Opinions
12/4/00 - 12/8/00

Proofread by John


Wow! The arc format kicked off with a bang, literally, as "Fate" began. Great acting and directing.

Alison's comments about bangs were cute and very typical of her.

Jamal got on my nerves. The woman at the hospital was trying to tell him that yes, they would treat Alison, but he wouldn't let her explain. I know he was upset, but come on. He jumped the gun and assumed that the hospital was against treating Alison. Understandable, but give the woman a chance to talk.

I was torn between being annoyed and being amused by Lucy’s behavior at the very beginning. Lucy, always nosy, often suspicious, couldn’t keep from spying on Eve and Ian.

It was nice to see Estelle. The scene with her, Jack, and Livvie was very nice. Jack sure was charming the ladies with his smile.

Livvie’s blouse/sweater was a nice shade of red. It looked great with her hair.


The gang was rude to Chris. I know they don’t like him, and I know they’re in shock, but they didn’t have to be so rude. He genuinely liked Eve and certainly didn’t wish for Ian’s death.

Chris went over the line when he keyed on into Livvie’s place. No one is under any obligation to answer the door just because someone drops by. Housekeeping shouldn’t have let him in.


Livvie assumed that Kevin liked hot chocolate just because she found a bunch of different kinds in the kitchen? That seems a bit strange, as if Eve couldn't like something that Kevin doesn't. Maybe he does like it--he didn't say one way or the other--but the only logical assumption is that someone living there likes it.

Great performances by Thorsten today. He does "emotional" very well.

I liked the back-and-forth scenes between Eve/Ian and Kevin telling Livvie about Eve. It was very effective.


Jamal really needs to get that chip off his shoulder. I know he wants to take care of Alison, but she is legally an adult and should be able to take care of herself. He needs to give it a rest. This wasn't about not having health insurance.


What is it with all these people who feel entitled to enter other people's homes whenever they want?

Page updated 8/21/14

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