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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

4/4 - 4/8/05

Whitney's story: This story was pretty good this week. We got to see a side of Chad that we haven't seen before. We got to see him lash out at Whitney. When he found out that she wanted to give her baby up for adoption, he let her have it. This could be the closure he needs to get over the idea of being with his sister. Anywho, after Chad let Whitney have it, she gave it right back to him. She practically told him where to go and how to get there when he judged her for giving up her baby. She didn't really have a nerve to say something since she's keeping him in the dark about his son, but she didn't take Chad's rantings lying down.

We liked how Whitney broke down to Theresa for giving up her baby. We weren't sure if she was even going to care one way or the other about the baby. She seemed so determined to get rid of the baby. It's good to know that she didn't have a heart of glass and regretted giving up her baby. (8/10)

Crane Compound: Those scenes were okay. Well Fox and Alistair made the scenes better. Alistair tortured Katherine (which she deserved). He treated her like a hooker and she asked for it. If Katherine would stop fighting Alistair, he probably wouldn't be so rough.

Fox acting like a baby Alistair was pretty good. It seemed like it came naturally to him. We knew ahead of time that he was acting like a bad boy in order to trick Alistair, but it was fun to watch while it lasted. (7/10)

Shuis/Beth: Their story was okay. The start of it was annoying because Sheridan was the helpless little victim as usual. She was holding her own up against Beth, but the second she tried to stop Beth from taking Marty back, Beth knocked her out with one punch. When Luis saw Sheridan, he naturally rushed to her aide. It was funny when he blamed Beth for what happened to Sheridan. Beth just knew she won Luis over with her helpless act, but he could care less. When her act didn't work, she had to use guilt. Before that had a chance to work, Luis rushed back to Sheridan when she woke up.

The best part of the story was Sheridan figuring out that Beth was the one who kidnapped her baby. Beth made the mistake of calling her a stupid blonde and it triggered her memory. Hopefully this won't be a letdown as usual when it comes to Beth getting caught (6/10)

Jessica: This girl is so hard headed. What would possess her to go out again after what happened to her? She must not have been attacked enough that she would want to go through it again. (1/10)

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