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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

3/28 Ė 4/1/05

Jessicaís story: Once again we didnít care for the story. We donít like the way the writers are handling the story. They are making Jessica come off suicidal and thatís not good. They are also making her family come off like they donít care about her. If they really cared, they would go and check on her. Whenever Sam wants to check on her, someone tries to stop him. Itís as if they know that Jessica is trying to hurt herself and they donít want her to be stopped. (1/10)

Whitneyís story: We were pretty much indifferent about this story. We liked the emotion Whitney was going through when Theresa and Eve confronted her about the baby. The problem with the story was the way she tried to justify her actions concerning the baby. She thinks that what sheís doing to Chad and Fox is okay because sheís doing it to protect her baby. Well, we think she was more concerned with protecting herself. She didnít care if Fox and Chad deserved to know the truth. If she wanted Chad to know the truth, she would have told him. She let Chad guilty her into keeping the secret. How convenient for her. (5/10)

Theresa/Ethan: What a surprise Theresa was going to try and get Ethan to want to be with her. She cared all of 5 minutes about Jane. She only cared about manipulating him to be with her. She just had to drive it home that Gwen left him. She even went the extra mile by saying that Gwen could be gone for years. Way to think about your daughter. If she had her way, she would forget about Jane and keep Ethan to herself. (1/10)

Shuis: Their story proved one thing this week. It proved that they would be terrible parents to Marty. Earlier this week, it wasnít like that. Towards the end of the week, that quickly changed. When Sheridan was going to take Marty for a walk, she was fool enough to leave Marty by himself. She made it very easy for Alistair to take him. Shuis didnít even hear Marty when he cried. They were so busy playing tonsil hockey to notice. If they paid attention to Marty, that wouldnít have happened. (1/10)

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