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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

3/21 - 3/25/05

Jessica's story: We didn't care for her story. Since the writers didn't care, why should we? They practically dropped the ball on the story. How are we supposed to know if Ivy got busted in her lie about Grace calling? See, the writers didn't give a hoot about the story. Here's something we don't get about this story: Why did they mention Grace if she wasn't going to be back in Harmony? They didn't even have to let her call. The writers screwed up big time with this story. (1/10)

Shuis/Beth: What else is knew with this story? Beth wanted to kill Sheridan and Shuis took advantage of Beth. There's a surprise right? Luis showed that he is a terrible father once again. Well he did spend time with Marty when he was stay with Sheridan, but he didn't care about him before. He didn't know what Marty ate for breakfast and he didn't know that Marty likes to ride swings. Those are signs of a perfect father. *sarcasm* Sheridan had some nerve buying Marty's gifts. Why did she wait until after Luis wanted joint custody of Marty to get those toys? Why didn't she buy those things before? Also, what was she trying to prove buying all of those toys for Marty? She was trying to be showy if you ask us. There was also a wasted scene of Beth and Sheridan. The writers wasted airtime showing Beth's fantasy of killing Sheridan. There was a bright side. We finally saw Shuis happy with Marty. It was so much better than hearing her complain about not having her son. (5/10)

Whitney's story: There was some movement in this story. Whitney finally had the baby. It was a nice change with the story because it was becoming redundant. Seeing Theresa tell Whitney not to give her baby up for adoption. Here's a note to Theresa: If she wasn't going to change Whitney's mind, give up. We were so tired of hearing the same conversation. With all of that out of the way, we did like Whitney's acting when she had the baby. Brook did a great job. (7/10)

Edna/Precious: Their goodbye scenes were sad at first, but they wore think awful quick. It was sad to see Edna cry over Precious at first because she was losing a friend, but after a while it got annoying. It took Precious too long to leave. (2/10)

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