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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

2/28 - 3/4/05

Shuis/Beth:  This story got on our nerves this week. Sheridan had to be so stubborn so Shuis couldn't make up.  It was unbelievable that she would confide in Beth about about her problems with Luis.  Did she forget that Beth is in love with Luis?  Why would she care if she got Luis back?  Just when it looked hopeful that Sheridan would make up with Luis, Beth had to ruin it.  We are so sick of Beth coming between Luis.  This pathetic woman needs to get over Luis.  Hello, he doesn't want you.  How much clearer does that have to get before she gets the message?  Be that as it may, we didn't care for the story.  Perhaps if our hopes weren't diminished by the end of the week, we might have enjoyed the story. (1/10)

Ethan/Theresa/Gwen:  This is another story we didn't care for.  There are probably a lot of Ethan/Theresa fans that enjoy these moments, but we didn't.  We don't like how the writers have taken Gwen out of the story.  This is deja vu from six years ago when the writers took Gwen out of the story just to push for an Ethan/Theresa pairing.  We didn't like it then and we don't like it now.  We also didn't care for the E/T scenes with little Ethan.  Let the manipulation begin.  It's bad enough that Theresa is using this situation to get closer to Ethan, but now little Ethan is doing it too.  Note to the writers:  Please spare us with these scenes. (1/10)

The Bennett backyard:  Since this wasn't really a story, we'll just talk about the scenes.  They were boring.  All Fox/Chad/Evian/Ivy did was ask Whitney what her decision was going to be about Fox and Chad's proposals.  The scenes looked like they had potential when Eve let it slip that Whitney was pregnant by Chad.  Then it was explained away and our interest was gone.  After that, everyone went overboard saying that Whitney shouldn't accept Chad's proposal.  Chad also kept saying that Whitney wanted him.  Whitney couldn't make up her mind one way or the other.  There was a bright spot in their story.  Here's something you won't see everyday:  TC showed up and attacked Chad.  Normally, we don't approve of TC's violence, but those scenes needed it.  It was a break from the PSA that they were giving Chad and Whitney. (2/10)

Jessica's rape: It was kinda hard to feel sorry for her when she practically asked to be raped.  If she didn't want o have a "good time", that wouldn't have happened.  With that said, Randy is a piece of garbage.  He has to rape a girl just to get his rocks off.  How pathetic is he?  The only good thing about all of this is Jessica had a story.  It was also one of the big stories this week.  Hmm...Jessica had one of the major stories this week?  That's hard to believe.  Maybe we won't be too hard on this story since it was the only different one where something happened. (5/10)

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