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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

2/14 - 2/18/05

Shuis/Beth:  This story ended up being such a letdown this week.  Just when it seemed as if Beth might have been caught, she wasn't.  There was no point in bringing that story back up again if nothing was going to happen?  Was it the writers attempt to remind us that Beth wants to be with Luis?  We were so disappointed with it. 2/10

Shuis/KMart/Pilar:  This story is getting on our nerves.  The longer the story goes, we know that Shuis will break up.  Sheridan and Pilar were defending Katherine and Martin to Luis.  Why would they do that when they know what KMart have done to them?  How does Luis put up with them?  The only good thing that happened in the story was that Katherine showed her true colors to Sheridan.  Even though she was lying about the way she felt about Luis, she still crunched Sheridan's face.  That was the only thing that kept this story from getting a lower score. 4/10

Ethan/Theresa/Gwen:  Nothing really happened with this story this week.  There was a bright spot.  Rebecca proved her loyalty to Gwen unlike that poor excuse of a husband of hers.  She helped Gwen when no one else wanted to do it.  We also liked how Gwen was questioning why Ethan is always with Theresa.  Could that mean that she will finally move on?  We can only hope that Gwen will come to her senses soon. 8/10

Fox/Whitney:  It's getting painful to watch Fox taking care of Whitney when she is lying to him.  What has Fox done to deserve this?  Anyway, this story was okay.  It wasn't shoved down our throats the way the other stories were.  Whether that's a good thing or bad thing depends on how you feel about Foxney's scenes.  Hopefully things will pick up with this story since Whitney's lies may be coming out soon.  We'll have to wait and see. 6/10

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