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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

1/31 - 2/4/05

Well, this was not a very good week for winning stories.  Actually, there are more losers here than winners.  That's weird because the show is really good, but the characters in the stories are just driving us crazy. LOL!  With that in mind, let's begin.

Shuis/KMart/Pilar:  Once again their story was disappointing.  Katherine and Martin really worked our nerves over time this week.  Martin was supposed to reveal this big truth about why he left, but he didn't Katherine had to beg him not to do it because of what it would do to Sheridan.  That jerk should not have put his mistress's wants ahead of his family's wants.  Everyone being so concerned for poor Sheridan is really making us lose interest in this story.  The thing that kept us from losing complete interest was watching Luis and Pilar rip into KMart again.  We always enjoy seeing that. (2/10)

Ethan/Gwen/Theresa:  This story is going to make us hoarse soon.  We are constantly yelling at the screen whenever Theresa is on the screen.  She just wouldn't stop pushing her luck this week.  She kept telling Ethan and Gwen that she's pressing charges against Gwen.  That's not news anymore.  She says that every time she's on.  Ethan makes us yell at the screen too because he is constantly with Theresa.  If he had only remembered that he had  wife, then no one would be suffering at all.  There were some good things that happened during this story.  Gwen went after Theresa and she took the baby.  Theresa had it coming.  That really saved the story.  The look on Theresa's face was definitely worth enduring what she kept saying throughout the week.  We have mentioned this before, but if Theresa just showed Gwen some compassion, then maybe we would feel sorry for her.  Since she doesn't, then we don't have any for her either.  We'll give this a high score because we liked what happened in the story. (9/10)

Paloma's attack:  This story lead to nothing.  We weren't surprised by that.  It made us realize just how hateful Paloma is.  Pilar sat by her side once she found out about her accident, but that didn't matter.  Paloma still wanted KMart by her side.  That was so cruel.  We also had to listen to the public service announcement that Sam, Ivy, and Luis gave to Kay, Jessica, and Simone.  That was really getting annoying because they didn't care about them at all until they went to the club. (1/10)

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