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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

1/10 - 1/14/05

KMart/Alistair:  This story wasn't really that good to us this week.  It got better once Alistair was back in the story though.  As usual, KMart spent the week blaming Alistair for everything that happened to them.  Alistair is a monster, but he's not the real monster in this story.  That honor goes to KMart.  They really ruin this story with their holier-than-thou attitudes abut what happened.  The only thing that will keep this story from getting a lower score was what Alistair did.  He kept us entertained while he attacked Katherine.  As terrible as that is she really deserved it.  Thank you Alistair for saving this otherwise repetitive story. (3/10)

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen:  This story was pretty good this week.  Thumbs up to Lindsay and Liza this week.  Their acting was really good again.  They have improved so much.  They're acting makes it easier to forget that this is a recycled storylline.  As frustrated as we can get with this story, Lindsay and Liza are doing their best to make this story watchable.  We wonder if Theresa will press charges or walk again.  We also wonder if Gwen will regain her sanity anytime soon.  We do know that we want to find out what happens next. (9/10)

Eve being arrested:  We're not sure what to think about this story.  It does involve other characters that haven't been given much to do, but it's also frustrating.  The writers expect us to watch Eve get punished for the attempted murder of someone like Liz.  They also expect us to accept that Eve wouldn't harm a fly.  She has threatened to kill Liz at least three times and it came back to haunt her.  Rebecca is framing Eve and now she's in jail.  She's not only getting charged with Liz's attempted murder, she's also charged with Alistair's and Julian's as well.  Julian's attempted murder has been dropped for years and now out of the blue Eve is being charged with that.  That makes no sense because Julian saw who shot him.  Also, why did Eve allow Theresa to go through with getting lethal injection for a crime that she committed?  We know that Eve was in her right frame of mind so the writers can't pull a fast one even though they will try.  We do like how Julian is staying by Eve's side during this story. (6/10)

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