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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

12/20 - 12/24/04

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen:  Once again this story was the most frustrating this week.  Both women acted as if they were the total victim in this mess.  Of course Ethan came out smelling like a rose as usual.  Let's get to the part we liked.  We liked the acting between Gwen and Theresa.  They did a great job.  Theresa also stood her ground against Gwen and Rebecca.  She was being manipulative by crying like she was the helpless victim.  That was good for her.  Here's what we didn't like.  All Gwen and Theresa thought about was revenge.  Neither one of them cared about the baby or little Ethan.  All they cared about was themselves.  If they cared about the baby, they would have spent their time praying for the baby, not arguing with each other.  When they left the hospital, they didn't even go see her.  They just argued again.  Oh wait, there was something else we liked.  We liked when Gwen and Rebecca threw Theresa out of the house.  Theresa just knew that she was staying in the mansion, but she was sadly mistaken.  Now that that's out of the way, we can complain about Ethan.  He once again defended Theresa.  He saw what kind of a monster she was when she called Gwen a barren b*tch, yet he still wanted to help her.  She also made it seem as if he wanted to have an affair with her.  That should have been enough of a reason not be with her.  If that wasn't enough, he allowed Theresa to be able to see little Ethan.  This man doesn't know whose side to be on. (7/10)

Fox/Chad:  We like how this story may be turning out.  It was good to see Fox focus on something other than Whitney and the baby.  Scheming against Chad gave him his spark back.  This story also introduced Valerie who is a good addition to the show so far.  We can't wait to see how this story is going to turn out.  Who knows?  Maybe Chad will turn into a schemer before this story ends. (8/10)

The Russells:  We didn't really care for them this week.  Whitney was a total witch to Eve.  Whitney acted as if Eve didn't help her out with the baby.  That alone should have had Whitney by Eve's side.  The first thing Whitney did was argue with her.  Then when they went to the courthouse, Whitney sided with TC.  Where was the support for Eve?  Simone was no better.  She was whining about wanting to be with her mother, yet she turned her back on Eve at the courthouse.  TC was also bad.  He couldn't wait to divorce Eve.  We know that he's upset with her for being with Julian and he should be, but he has no nerve.  He is not innocent either since he's flaunting Liz around. He could have been willing to make his marriage work.  At least we wouldn't have to see Liz get her way.  Then there's Eve.  One minute she was depressed about her marriage, yet the next minute she was happy with Julian.  She wasn't worried about losing her family until she saw them.  It was practically like an outta sight outta mind thing with her family. (1/10)

Shuis/Beth:  Their story was okay this week. They didn't do anything spectacular, but it was okay.  They were happy about getting married, so that was good enough for us.  Beth, on the other hand, was trying to figure out how the word "mother" could break up Shuis.  Of course Tabitha had to practically spell it out for her, but she finally figured out that Katherine is alive. (6/10)

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