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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

12/13 - 12/17/04

Shuis:  We enjoyed their scenes this week.  They were happy and it was good.  Their happiness was different this week because it was a breath of fresh air compared to the mess that went down with Theresa/Ethan/Gwen.  It actually seemed as if Shuis would actually get married.  They even got the ring.  That's a big step for them.  The only thing we couldn't get was the fact that they had to involve Beth in their wedding plans.  did they forget how Beth was in love with Luis?  Did Sheridan forget that she was supposed to help Beth get Luis?  Beth never told them that she didn't love Luis anymore so why get her help?  Oh well. That must be one of life's unsolved mysteries. (8/10)

Beth:  This woman doesn't know when to quit.  She will obviously do anything to get Luis.  This week she dressed up as a nurse and practically killed Alistair in order to find out what the word was that could keep Shuis apart.  Needless to say, that plan was a bust.  Despite how desperate she was to get Alistair to tell her what could keep Shuis apart, it was entertaining.  She really looked like a crazy person.  She really looked crazy when she was with Shuis at the cottage talking about the wedding.  We can only imagine what she will do next. (5/10)

Foxney/Chad:  We weren't really that interested in their story this week because nothing happened.  Fox proved that he has selective brains (see Rants), Whitney was conveniently ready to leave Harmony again, and she was jealous of Chad and Valerie.  Speaking of Valerie, the only new thing that happened was Chad appearing to move on from Whitney.  If he is moving on, it's about time.  Let's get back to something else we liked.  We liked how Fox had a way to get what he wanted from Julian.  He threatened to take Whitney out of Harmony if Julian didn't treat him and Chad as equals.  Who would have thought he was capable of that anymore?  Then again he could be the one trying to get Valerie and Chad together so he could keep Whitney.  That would be an interesting twist. (4/10)

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen:  Their story was so infuriating and not in a good way.  We were ready to strangle Theresa.  We were so sick of her trying to be the victim in all of this mess.  One minute she's acting all sorry for what she did and the next she was being smug about it.  We don't know how Gwen was able to control herself when Theresa threw up in her face how she's barren. What happened to all of the waterworks she had when she told why she thought the baby was hers?  The best thing to come out of this story was Gwen found out the truth. (1/10)

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