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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

12/6 - 12/10/04

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen:  Since that was one of the biggest stories this week, why not start with this story.  We pretty much enjoyed this story because it got us the most heated.  We kept finding ourselves screaming at the TV every time the story was shown.  Before we get to what aggravated us about the story, let's get to what impressed us. We liked the acting between Theresa and Gwen.  They had a lot of anger and emotion during the scenes.  Great job, ladies.  Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to what aggravated us.  Everything worked out too nicely for Theresa.  Theresa wanted to be the one with the baby and naturally she got her way.  Ethan came to her rescue by saying that the files wasn't filed in time so Theresa would be considered the mother.  If that wasn't enough, Eve told Gwen that Theresa was considered the mother.  Then when Eve possibly crunched Theresa's face with the blood test proving that the baby was Gwen's, Eve conveniently lied about it.  It was so infuriating watching Theresa get her way.  We almost forgot to mention what else we liked about the story.  Gwen finally woke up about Theresa.  We were getting worried about her for a second.  There's also something else we didn't like. This story brought out the heartless side of Theresa.  We used to feel sympathetic towards her before, but now we lost any sympathy we had for her. (8/10)

Shuis:  We weren't that interested in their story this week.  With all of the excitement going on this week, we didn't really care for what they were doing before they went to the mansion. That's surprising because we usually like the scenes when they are happy. (4/10)

Pilar/Katherine:  Their scenes started out great, but they ended up fizzing out.  We enjoyed watching Pilar put Katherine in her place.  Eva's acting was great.  The only problem was she yelled at Katherine for nothing.  It didn't do any good to ask Katherine who she is and why she took her husband because she wasn't going to answer her.  Even when Rebecca let it slip how Katherine got plastic surgery, she still didn't admit to anything.  Even though it was a waste to rip into Katherine, it was still enjoyable. (8/10)

The murder mystery:  We always love a good mystery so we are looking forward to this story.  We know everyone thinks they have legitimate reasons for killing Alistair, but it was just weird how everyone suddenly wanted him dead.  The best part of this story is it gives the audience a chance to see another story besides the Theresa story.  Even TC and Liz showed back up.  Well maybe that wasn't such a good thing. LOL!  Even though we liked the story, we do have questions.  Who else besides Eve would have had access to get in the hospital room to get to the poison?  How did the killer know when to put the poison in Alistair's drink?  Why would the killer show up at the mansion when they know they tried to kill Alistair?  That gives them opportunity to kill him.  We're pretty sure we'll have more questions about this story as the weeks go on. (9/10)

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