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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

11/29 - 12/3/04

We decided to change these up again.  We wanted to try something different so we will be writing about the stories in general for the week instead of daily.

Foxney: We pretty much liked this story.  Brook Kerr did a good job this week with her material.  She definitely seemed like a woman on the edge when she wanted Eve to keep her secret.  When Eve wanted to tell Whitney's secret, girlfriend went nuts and called her the usual names.  Of course in the end, Eve protected her ingrate of a daughter.  We did have a problem with the story.  We didn't like the way Ivy kept obsessing about who the father of Whitney's baby is.  She acted as if it affected her more than Chad and Fox.  They were the ones that need to know the truth, but she acted as if she need to know more than they did.  The other thing we didn't like was Julian taking sides between Chad and Fox.  He acts as if his loyalty was with Chad instead of Fox.  Despite all of that, we still liked the story.  There was some movement so we liked it. (7/10)

Theresa/Gwen/Ethan:  This story was okay, but it was predictable, kinda like Passions. LOL!  Of course there was the obligatory nurse that said that Theresa couldn't be under stress, so you knew what was going to happen.  She was under stress when Paloma let it slip that Mr. Wheeler is Martin.  As soon as Pilar cleaned up what Paloma said, Theresa was all better.  Then Eve told Theresa not to get worked up, so of course she did.  She had to go and fight with Paloma.  It was as if Theresa wanted to lose the baby.  Think about it.  She was told repeatedly not to get worked up and she did.  We remember when Gwen was having a complicated pregnancy and she wasn't supposed to get stressed out.  A lot of Theresa's fans blamed Gwen for why she lost Sarah because she didn't listen to the doctor and she left the hospital.  Well, when Theresa did the same thing, we didn't read anything about how Theresa shouldn't have stressed herself out.  We read some things about it, but the posters weren't Theresa fans.  Guess it must be a double standard with Theresa and Gwen.  Oh well.  What can you do?  Anyway, there was some movement in the story when the baby was born.  That's what saved us from the hamster wheel. (5/10)

Shuis:  We liked how they finally had some time to be happy.  Any Shuis fan knows how long their happiness lasts for.  It will last for as long as it takes for you to read this. LOL! (9/10)

KMart:  We saved the worst for last.  We are so tired of them.  One minute they feel guilty about deserting their family and the next minute they are happy they left.  Well, which one is it?  They need to make up their minds.  If the writers think that  we would have sympathy for them just because they constantly mention how bad they feel about deserting their families, they are completely mistaken.  They are still monsters. (1/10)

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