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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

11/22 - 11/26/04


Foxney:  Their story was good. There was actual movement again.  Now Fox knows how Whitney is pregnant.  We thought that we would be in for a long drawn out story before he found out she was pregnant.  Now all we have to do is wait to see how long it will take to find out who's the daddy. (9/10)

Beth:  Despite how much we don't like Beth, it was a nice change of pace to see someone other than Shuis/Theresa.  Anyway, despite how crazy she is, she can always think on her feet.  When Paloma told her about Shuis's problems, you could practically see the wheels spinning. (7/10)

Gwen:  We are so sick of her wearing rose-colored glasses when it concerns Theresa.  We know the audience has the advantage of knowing what Theresa's up to, but you would think that she would still be suspicious of her.  We can tell that this will score a low number all of the time. (1/10)


Sheridan:  It took so much strength not to throw something at the TV.  It was so obvious that she wanted to defend Mrs. Wheeler when Beth kept driving it home how much of a slut Katherine is.  Sheridan was making Beth's plan even easier.  We never thought we wanted to root for Beth so much. (1/10)

Beth:  She was able to get Sheridan to show her disloyalty to Luis.  It didn't even take much for her to make Sheridan to crack. (8/10)

Ethan/Theresa/Gwen:  Talk about another waste of screen time.  We could have gone without seeing Theresa screaming endlessly.  We were so sick of Ethan, but we will save that for the rants. (1/10)

Alistair:  Thank goodness he got in the scenes with KMart.  He made the scenes worth watching.  We were tired of KMart feeling sorry for themselves so Alistair was a welcomed change.  Plus, anytime he barks at KMart, it's worth the price of admission. (10/10)


Tabitha/Endora:  Goodness, those scenes were a waste.  All Tabitha ever seems to do anymore is recap the stories.  We would rather see what's going to happen at Tabby's house once the guests arrive. (1/10)

Rebecca/Ethan/Gwen:  If it weren't for Rebecca, we wouldn't have paid attention to the story.  We are sick of Gwen and Ethan yelling at Rebecca as if she's not right about Theresa.  Can you tell we're tired of this story?  LOL! (4/10)

Foxney/Chad/Ivy:  Their scenes were okay.  There was more excitement going on in those scenes than any other and all they did was have the same conversation about the baby. (7/10)

Paloma:  Was anyone else ready to smack her when she all but kicked Luis and Pilar out of Tabitha's house? (1/10)


Passions didn't air this day.


Tabitha's house:  We totally agreed with Tabitha when she said Luis/Martin's fight was entertaining.  It was great seeing Luis kick Martin's butt again.  We liked the scenes at Tabby's house overall.  Our only problem was Paloma.  We wanted Pilar to smack that girl.  Pilar must have a lot of self control. (9/10)

Foxney/Chad/Ivy/Eve:  We were getting sick of Whitney yelling at Eve about the baby.  We were also tired of her protesting that her baby was Fox's.  The only thing she was doing was giving herself away. (3/10)

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen/Rebecca:  Once again we had to see how gullible Gwen was.  Gwen kept barking at Rebecca to leave Theresa alone.  Ethan did it too.  Ethan was even worse because he knows that Rebecca was right about her.  No wonder Rebecca called Gwen gullible.  She hit the nail on the head.  The only thing that kept this from getting a one, was the misunderstanding about what Theresa wanted at the mansion. (2/10)

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