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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

11/8 - 11/12/04


Fox:  We liked how Fox reached out to Ethan.  He told him how he would be there for him and Gwen.  That was nice of him. (10/10)

Gwen:  We liked how Gwen thanked Theresa for having the procedure.  We feel sorry for her since she doesn't know what Theresa is doing to her. (10/10)

Luis:  Galen did an excellent job again.  He had the right amount of rage towards Martin. (10/10)

Whitney:  We were surprised that she thought so little of her best friend.  We know Whitney was right, but Theresa is supposed to be her best friend yet she couldn't wait to accuse her of trying to scam Ethan. (1/10)


Liz:  She is so pathetic.  We wanted to slap her when she tried to get TC to divorce Eve.  She couldn't just let him watch the dvd in peace without shoving Eve's lies in his face. (1/10)

Pilar:  We liked her acting when she found out about Martin.  She did a good job balancing the emotions for the scene.  She was good when she thought Martin wasn't her husband, but her acting was better when she was convinced that Mr. Wheeler was Martin. The slap she gave Martin was even better. (10/10)

Theresa:  She actually surprised us when she let God decide which baby to save.  We thought that she would have chose to save her baby. Color us surprised. (8/10)

Julian:  He put Liz in her place when he told Liz that no man would want her.  He also reminded her that Eve made a new life for herself.  We loved the look on her face when he told her off. (10/10)


Whitney/Theresa:  We were so torn about their scenes.  Whitney was right to give Theresa the rundown about the schemes she did, but she had no right to criticize her for them.  If Whitney wasn't scheming herself, then she wouldn't have lost credibility when she crucified Theresa. (7/10)

Martin:  How many more blows was he going to take from Luis?  Luis is rightfully angry and perhaps Martin deserved it, but Luis is going too far.  When is Martin going to hit him back? (1/10)

Sheridan:  We loved how Sheridan told Martin how he's worse than Alistair.  That wasn't the only thing we liked, but that was something in particular.  We loved how she yelled at him for deserting his family.  It would have been better if she didn't stop Luis from doing it, but it was still worth seeing. (9/10)


Sheridan:  Once again she chose to defend Katherine and overlook how she could have stole Martin away from Pilar.  It was disturbing that she was willing to see the good in a person that was sleeping with Pilar's husband.  Pilar is supposed to be like a second mother to her.  Guess she forgot about that when she had to defend Katherine. (1/10)

Julian: We enjoyed seeing Julian rip into Liz again.  It's good to see the look on her face when Julian reminds her how she always loses when she's up against Eve. (10/10)


Paloma:  She is really gullible.  Whenever someone tells her something bad about her family, she's quick to believe it, but when she's told something good about her family, she never believes it.  Tabitha will have a field day with her. (1/10)

Pilar:  We liked how she slapped Katherine, but we wished that she could have slapped Sheridan too.  Just as predictable as the show is, she defended Katherine again.  That was not the time to defend her.  We were surprised that Sheridan comforted Pilar and not Katherine. (7/10)

Eve/TC/Julian/Liz:  We were so sick of their scenes.  How many times did Eve have to beg TC to stay with her?  We were definitely sick of Liz's smiles of triumph.  We want her to fall flat on her face when TC let her down.  Of course that wasn't going to happen.  Liz has to get her way. We have one word for that: boring. (1/10)

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