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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

11/1 - 11/5/04


Luis/Alistair:  Their scenes were good.  It was like watching a car chase when they were downloading files.  We already knew who was going to have the upper hand, but it was worth watching. Well, it was to us. (8/10)

Theresa/Ethan:  Their scenes were good too.  We liked how Theresa stood up to Ethan when he found out about her despicable plan.  We wanted to see Ethan rip into Theresa, but he didn't.  Theresa was the one who got the better of him.  Was anyone really surprised by that? (9/10)

Fox/Ivy:  It was good to see Ivy reaching out to Fox again.  Their scenes were funny.  We hope to see more scenes like that. (8/10)


Luis:  He had the truth right in front of him and he still didn't want to believe it.  When he found out that Martin was his father, he came up with an excuse for it.  He thought that Alistair made it look as if Martin was his father.  Did he forget the connection he felt to him?  Did he forget the connection Pilar felt to him?  Obviously, he did. (1/10)

Martin mystery:  We like how the writers had movement in the Martin mystery.  We didn't think that Luis or Pilar would figure out who he is.  We thought that this story would have dragged on endlessly.  Good job, writers. (10/10)

Theresa:  Of course she was going to use guilt to get Eve to understand her crazy plan.  What a surprise she brought up the church again for why she didn't want to lose one of the babies.  It could be us, but we're having a hard time believing that she doesn't want to lose one of the babies.  Leave it to her to say she didn't have any other choice but to come up with this crazy scheme.  She does have a choice.  She could go along with the original plan and give Gwen a child. (1/10)

KMart:  Here's a shock for you.  Katherine tried to convince Martin, as well as the audience, that Martin didn't leave Pilar because he didn't love her.  That was a bunch of garbage.  If Martin loved her so much, why did he desert her?  No excuse is good enough in our opinion. (1/10)




Theresa:  What happened to Theresa deciding to kill Gwen's baby?  She was determined to kill Gwen's baby before and now all of a sudden Ethan had to make the decision.  The writers obviously wanted Ethan to look like the bad guy instead of Theresa. (1/10)

Ethan: He is such a manb*tch. Sorry for the language, but it's true. He couldn't just tell Theresa to save his and Gwen's baby.  He had to let nature decide.  Hello, save your baby with your wife.  That didn't take rocket science to decide.  He just doesn't want to look like a monster in Theresa's eyes. (1/10)

Luis/Martin:  We got the showdown that we wanted with them.  It was great seeing Luis rough Martin up.  Martin deserved every bit of it.  He acted as if Luis didn't have a reason to be angry with him. (10/10)


Luis/Martin:  Once again, we enjoyed seeing Luis rip into Mart.  Martin had a lot of moxy trying to yell at Luis for calling Katherine a slut.  It was a little too late for him to try and play daddy.

We also enjoyed Luis calling Martin a two-timing loser.  We couldn't have agreed more. Galen's acting was good during these scenes.  He had the right emotion for the betrayal that he felt. (10/10)

Theresa:  We're not sure of what to think about her.  One minute she was convinced that she would kill Gwen's baby and the next she wanted to save her baby.  We thought for a second that she actually had a heart, but then we thought about it again.  Did she only do it because she knew she lost Ethan or did she actually have a change of heart?  We were torn about that.  Despite being torn, we thought the scenes were okay. (7/10)

Gwen:  We felt sorry for her again when she prayed for her babies.  She even prayed for Theresa.  That's growth for her.  We know and have read that a lot of Theresa's fans think that Gwen deserves to lose the babies because she took little Ethan away from her.  We thought that Gwen was wrong for taking him, but Gwen doesn't deserve to suffer like this. (10/10)

Pilar:  We wanted to slap the sh*t (Sorry for the language again) out of Pilar when she lectured Ethan.  She had the gall to blame him for why Theresa did the things she did.  Honey, there was no excuse for the things Theresa did.  Remember, you were the one lecturing her about the horrible things she did.  Now all of a sudden she's going to rip into Ethan about what he did to cause all of this mess.  What a jerk!  What was the point of yelling at Theresa if she was going to defend her actions?  (1/10)

Ethan:  This man needs to grow a spine.  Why did he let Pilar blame him for what Theresa did?  It wasn't his fault that Gwen took little Ethan.  He said he tried to help Theresa.  He should have stood up for himself more.  Pilar didn't have the right to yell at Ethan.  What a punk. (1/10)

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