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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

10/25 - 10/29/04


Gwen's fantasy:  We loved seeing Gwen choke Theresa.  It was too bad she didn't do it for real.  LOL!  We also liked Gwen's acting during her fantasy.  It won't get a 10 because it was only a fantasy, but it will still score high. (9out of 10)

Theresa/Ethan:  Theresa seems to get worse every week.  She had the nerve to say that God wouldn't take the babies from her because she was meant to be with Ethan.  What kind of a monster is she?  She always uses God when it benefits her.  Ethan was no better.  He didn't have to listen to Theresa.  He could have told him he didn't want to be with her. Those scenes were so disgusting. (1 out of 10)

Katherine/Sheridan:  Those scenes were a waste.  We didn't need to hear Katherine trying to make excuses for why she had to leave Alistair.  She could say how Alistair is evil until the cows come home and that wouldn't change how bad she is. Even Tabitha knows she's a bad person. (1 out of 10)

Martin/Luis:  These scenes were a waste too.  He was as bad as Katherine.  He kept making excuses for what he did.  He also kept his identity a secret the same way Katherine did. (1 out of 10)

Gwen attacked Ethan:  Watching her attack Ethan was worth the price of admission.  We know she was wrong for why she hit him, but it was worth it.  He deserved everything she told him.  He always puts Theresa first as she said. (10 out of 10)


Gwen dumping Ethan:  We thought that was a great moment.  Ethan went overboard trying to defend Theresa even when he said he wasn't putting her first.  We're surprised that Gwen didn't slap Ethan.  We were wondering how she could put up with him.  Thank goodness she saw the light. (10 out of 10)

Sheridan/Katherine:  Those scenes were boring again.  We are tired of seeing Sheridan ask Katherine who she is.  Katherine should have had her kicked out of the cell.  We really hope that these scenes get better. (1 out of 10)

Martin/Luis/Alistair:  Martin and Luis should be grateful to Alistair because he saved their scenes from getting the lowest score.  Their scenes were more bearable than Katherine and Sheridan's, but they were going nowhere.  Alistair entering the scene made it worth watching. We are also grateful for Alistair for being in the scene.  It shouldn't just be Martin and Luis. (4 out of 10)


Jessica:  This girl is so wasted.  She was only in it again to promote Mark products.  She was also rude enough to give Whitney something to help her look better.  Why does Jessica stay on the show?  (1 out of 10)

Chad/Paloma:  Their scenes were okay.  It's amazing how Chad comes alive (well for him anyway) when he's around Paloma.  They even have chemistry. Who knows?  (7 out of 10)

Fox/Whitney:  Their scenes were good.  Fox really put his feelings on the line for Whitney.  He showed how much he loves her.  Whitney even seemed like she cares for Fox.  Maybe we can still hold out hope for Foxney to get together. (7 out of 10)

Pilar/Theresa:  It was about time Pilar ripped into Theresa about her schemes.  Theresa never learns from her mistakes.  Pilar took the time to put down her Theresa pom poms to let her know that she should stop manipulating people.  Good job Pilar. It's too bad it won't work. (7 out of 10)


KMart:  These people are such jerks.  They are the ones who abandoned their families, yet they call Alistair a monster.  Martin even had the nerve to say it was Alistair's fault that he abandoned his family.  Then he said Alistair could come out looking like a victim if the truth comes out.  Well, he's more of one then they are. (1 out of 10)

Theresa's scheme:  She is really a piece of work.  She is so obsessed with getting revenge on Gwen that she would be willing to kill Gwen's baby.  How great must Ethan be if she's willing to go to all of this trouble to be with him?  We're  so disgusted that we can't go on. (1 out of 10)

Rebecca:  Thank goodness her brain is working.  She was on to Theresa again.  She knows a schemer when she sees one. (10 out of 10)

Gwen:  What happened to you, girl?  You were on to Theresa before and now you're blaming yourself for wanting Theresa to do the right thing.  You're slipping, Gwen.  We're disappointed in you. (1 out of 10)


KMart:  They are such light switches. They wanted Shuis to figure out who they were before, but then they didn't want them to find out.  Katherine also wanted to stay in Harmony, but changed her mind.  Martin was bellyaching about not being able to see his kids again.  He is in no different a position from before. (1 out of 10)

Rebecca:  She is such a riot.  She completely stole the scenes at the hospital.  She also made them more bearable because we were ready to throw something at Theresa and Gwen, especially Gwen.  How could she not be suspicious of Theresa?  When has Rebecca ever been wrong about her.  Since Rebecca made us laugh, the scenes were worthy of a high score. ( 8 out of 10)

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